17 thoughts on “cheeky Ferret”

  1. I drew your ferret free hand. It turned out almost exactly like yours. Yours is better though.

  2. HiYa,
    Would you mind if i copied this and painted it on a pair of Jeans (for myself), the country i live in ferrets are banned and illegal to breed or sell, but we have some existing ones, i adore anything ferret… Have a great day!

  3. HI, looks good to us 🙂 Do you like to email back, we are searching for a comic figure for our website.
    Would be nice to hear from you.

  4. Hi, you have been asked this plenty but I don’t want to just go right ahead and do it. I have 3 ferrets and have been in love with this design since I first saw it online, I would like to get it printed on a hoodie as a birthday present to myself. Just want to check with you that that’s ok.I understand you are probably very busy. Thanks =)

  5. Hello I am doing up my store which is called Ferret Designer Wear and absolutley love this guy, I would love to have him as my logo. If you could let me know if that is ok or if you could do another similar for me I would really appreciate it. He is fantastic I absolutley love him and thank you

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