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Friday Sketchdump #13

A bit late...

Bad Wolf, boo!
Wolf Drawing, an Idea for EF

Stupid Expression
Stupid Expression #1

Another Expression
Stupid Expression #2

Stupid Expression #3

Various Sketches
Various Sketches

Ferret Sketch
A Ferret I doodled while waiting at the cinema.

Various Sketches and Doodles (thylacine, rabbit, giraffe, bird, etc..)
Various Sketches.


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  1. o_o! Found your blog totally at random, I didn’t know you had one! 😀 I’m adding it to my feed reader and links immediately :3
    …we’ll need to do a little trade someday 😛 I’d love to see you draw my marten!

  2. Please contact me regarding use of one of your cartoon ferret images (the one you doodled while waiting at the cinema) in a program book or website that hosts a ferret rescue. I would certainly give you credit for the drawing. Thank you,


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