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BackflipThis blog is supposed to be a showcase for stuff I do in my free time. My Name is Thomas Novotny, I was born in 1987 and live in Vienna, Austria. I am a traceur, acrobat, cartoon artist, costume builder, dancer, photographer, dancer, slackliner and student of media design. My life is full of adventures, travels and exciting things I try out.
I'm not a consumer, I enjoy doing and creating things, and I enjoy meeting people who inspire me.

I have quite some Interests, which include:

It's a nice and relaxing thing to do, and I love how alot of personality flows into each drawing. I mostly draw cartoons, inspired by 40s animation.

le Parkour
I love it because it's non-competitive, gives me alot of challenges and is fun to do!

Freestyle Acrobatics
I enjoy doing flips, kicks and twists. I can't describe how incredible it feels.

Me, holding a Canon Eos 400d/Digital Rebel xTi with 300mm Nikon LensPhotography
It started in early 2007 when I bought my first digital SLR. It wasn't long until I discovered what real photography was - capturing impressions and making them available to others instead of just taking cool pics of random stuff. I started to think about composition before taking each photo. I inherited alot of analog Cameras and Lenses (which I can also use on my digital SLR) from my Grandfather, who is dead already (I bet he would be so lucky to see me taking wonderful pictures with his equipment). With all this stuff I started doing analog photography too which has its own charme. Photography is comething I can constantly improve on, and good photos make people happy.

Of course, especially when they're cute!

Totally interrested in Australia, been there in Feb. 08!

If you don't know it, google it!

new Things to try out
I'm always curious to try out new things!

A friend told me about it not too long ago, and it's great! I tried it once, bought a line the next day and trained almost everyday since then!

Dance Dance Revolution / Stepmania / In the Groove

Mixing Music


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  1. Hola. Buen día.

    Te escribo desde México.
    Me interesa utilizar uno de tus dibujos (Ferret) para mascota de un grupo familiar de negocios.
    Requerimos tu autorización para reproducir el dibujo y utilizarlo en internet.
    ¿Tiene algún costo?
    ¿Cuanto sería?


    (Disculpa no poder escribir en inglés)

  2. Your drawings and your costumes are an inspiration to me. Music is also important in my life.
    I would like to communicate with you regarding your cartooning.
    Please email me concerning using some of your art in an upcoming children’s book.

    God Bless

    Michael J. Murphy sfC
    1701 Brinton Ave.
    Dixon, Illinois, 61021 USA

  3. Do you do commisions?? I would love a colored cartoon of my ferret. PLEASE!

  4. I really love your art because it reminds of Looney Tunes and Mickey Mouse which I grew up with and it will inspire me to become an animator someday.

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