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This was a collab commission between Henrieke and me, I did she sketch, she inked, I colored and shaded.

Ferret and Otter playing on a game console

Ferret and Otter playing on a game console


Friday Sketchdump #99

99, that's almost 100!

Bored spaceferret on couch
Storyboard sketch for the Spaceferrets comic.

Christmas kangaroo
Was supposed to be the christmas tag last year, but I didn't have time to finish it.

Random cartoon sketches, ferret, bent-tail jr, hyena
Some stuff I drew on liveStream.

Now I have to think of something special for Sketchdump #100!


Friday Sketchdump #92

Cartoon sketches including a wolg, a hog and a spaceferret

Cute cartoon dragon
More of my old dragon character.

Cartoon eagle drawing
Quick Copic eagle sketch.

Ferret and Kangaroo cartoon
Ferret and Kangaroos.


Friday Sketchdump #91

It's not like I don't draw enough, but I don't feel like scanning because it just takes too long.

Sketches of Taxi the Lemur, Cougari, Tally and a random Canid
Some doodles I drew for people on uStream.

Cartoon dragon drawing
This is the first character I ever made up, and I tried to draw him again. The neck should be longer and I forgot to attach some ears though.

Ferret on a slide
Drawing of a friends ferret character.


Happy Easter!



Ferret gift card

Here's the card I attached to gifts for my family this year. I did that in 20 minutes, so it's kind of sloppy, but the cards were tiny so noone noticed 😉

Ferret giftcard


Friday Sketchdump #87

I'm not allowed to show you most things I drew yet, since they're mostly commissions and christmas gifts.. too bad.

Have a ferret instead:


Tyler Thylacine, drawn on a magna doodle
Oh and I drew this on the Magna Doodle when Henrieke was here.


Friday Sketchdump #86

I need to find more things I can post between sketchdumps. What would you like to see?

Croc being pissed
Croc is not amused. (Sketch by me, inks by Henrieke)

Ezra, Hugh and Poink
FPS Artjam submission.

Pissed Kangaroo, Lemur and Raccoon
A really quick sketch, based on an idea from a chat conversation.


Friday Sketchdump #85

This is for the week I didn't post one!

Cartoon Kangaroo, Cartoon Ferret and Lemurs

My Kangaroo character, a random ferret and Henriekes character Kiki.

Kiki and Croc
Kiki and Croc.

Collabs with Henrieke in Starbucks

Collabs by me and Henrieke we did in Starbucks. Upper two drawings are sketches by me and inked byHenrieke, lower right sketched by Henrieke and inked by me and the two pigs are by Henrieke.


Friday Sketchdump #83

Finally a new post. Henrieke is here so we spend too much time doing stupid things and I hardly get to post stuff.

Most are these are for other people:

Cartoon foxes, a raccoon, ferrets and a penguin
Random sketches

Cartoon Raccoon, Dalmatian, Badger, Lemurs
More random sketches, the good ones are by Henrieke.

Birthday sketch for Penny who is awesome.


Friday Sketchdump #82

Various cartoon sketches including ferrets, dynamic take pose, etc
Some random sketches


Friday Sketchdump #79

Spaceferrets sketches
Spaceferrets & Tonic!

Kipper birthday cake cartoon otter
A very belated birthday picture for a friend. I'm not happy with the hands, but I have to get over not being able to fix things easily when inking with a brush I guess.


The Skin comes right off

Another artjam picture, of course referring to Rap Chop.

Poink cannot take rap chop anymore


Friday Sketchdump #71

AudioDile Mixing
This was a quick drawing for DJ Audiodile. Again, check out his site for finest Electro House mixes.

Here's a drawing I made to figure out the color pattern for Tonic, not final yet. (Might get turned into a costume at some point)

generic cartoon pidgeon
A generic pidgeon or something, I colored it like a 3-year old just for the sake of having a full-color sketchdump.


Friday Sketchdump #70

Slowly catching up.
Tahoe Spaceferret
This is a sketch for a friend, somewhat alien-themed

Tahoe Spaceferret colored
colored version (click for full view)