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Friday Sketchdump #104

After a short break, here are some new sketches!


Drew peoples characters while meeting at Starbucks.

Drew peoples characters while meeting at Starbucks.



Cat and Mouse, for a friend from Sweden.

Cartoon Bat (spectacled flying fox)

The sketch of the halloween bat picture.


An old drawing

Here's an old drawing I made back in 2009 of Tyler and Henriekes character Kiki that I just found in a stack of unsorted drawings. It was already inked, so all I did now was quickly coloring it.

A cartoon thylacine carring the giant tail of a ringtailed lemur.

Tyler, carrying Kikis enormous tail.


Tasmanian Veteran Car Rally 2010

This post is about my favourite drawing job ever! I had to make up a Thylacine character and create a couple of drawings of him which were used used at the 2010 veteran car rally in Tasmania.
The pictures were used for the programming book, as direction signs and for merchandise!

cartoon Tasmanian Tiger with veteran car

Tasman the Cartoon Thylacine with beer bottle

Tasman the Cartoon Thylacine with oldtimer car

Tasman the tasmanian tiger cap



Friday Sketchdump #96

So apparently I posted Sketchdump #97 already without posting #96. Anyway, Since this is the last one this year, I'll try to make it special. Let's see what I find on my harddisk...

Tyler and Kiki, cartoon Kangaroo and Lemur
Tyler Thylacine, carrying Kikis loooong Tail. Old sketch from EF16.


Karpour and Kiki
Did this for Henrieke, not too happy with it but it was just a quick doodle.

cute cartoon Dog drawing
Dog the dog!

orange Spaceferret
Happy orange Spaceferret! My first quick try with Copics and Polychromos.

Fox drawing
Another quick try with Copics any Polychromos.

Approving cartoon kangaroo
He approves whatever he's pointing at!

Sid dog and Alaska Nebraska Zebrafish Opossum
Headshots of 2 friend's characters, Sid and Alaska.

Hope you enjoyed! I hope to post more regularily next year!


Friday Sketchdump #95

cartoon sketches of random animals.
Ballpoint sketches of random animals. Needs more variety in terms of shapes...

Rummage the Raccoon playing on a keyboard
Raccoon playing on a keyboard, for a friend in Florida.

Cartoon tasmanian Tiger driving a veteran car.
Sketch for a tasmanian veteran car race that ended up not being used.


Friday Sketchdump #94


Cartoon Kangaroo, Ferret, Eagle, Spaceferret
Some doodles.. I really liked the Thylacine (though the anatomy is a bit off, I'm picky!).

Cartoon Tasmanian Tiger, Cartoon Thylacine
So I inked and colored it.

Drawn for Fainder, an italian artist I'm a huge fan of. Check out her blog!

A quick sketch for a great friend from Florida!


Friday Sketchdump #93

Posting some sketches may be the right thing to do.

collab between me, Henrieke and Neo
Collab between me, Henrieke and Neo.

Ghali the Quagga and Tyler Thylacine, obviously.

cartoon Eagle, Ring-Tailed Mongoose, Fennec and Binturong.
Swiftwind Eagle, Random ring-Tailed Mongoose, Fennec, Binturong.

Random stuff I drew for people on uStream.


Friday Sketchdump #90

only 10 more to #100, I better think up something really special!


Sketches based on Powerline from the Goofy Movie
Random Sketches I did after seeing the Goofy Movie for the 32452nd time.

Doodle of a friends thylacine character I did in a boring lecture.


Happy new year!

Happy new year to all readers! Hope everyone had a great time celebrating!

Here's the first page of sketches of 2010. Nothing especially good, but it's the first time I've got the chance to draw on a Wacom Cintiq (which is pretty awesome). Takes a while to get used to though. (Also I was drunk 😉 )

Sketches, srawn on a Wacom Cintiq


Friday Sketchdump #88

Last Sketches this year!

Tyler Thylacine Sketches
Some older thylacine sketches.

Barks Stuff
Some tries on Barks I did in the library.


Friday Sketchdump #87

I'm not allowed to show you most things I drew yet, since they're mostly commissions and christmas gifts.. too bad.

Have a ferret instead:


Tyler Thylacine, drawn on a magna doodle
Oh and I drew this on the Magna Doodle when Henrieke was here.


Thylacine and Lemur spotted around Vienna

Amazing! Eyewitnesses have reported sightings of a Thylacine and a Lemur at the Jubiläumswarte in Vienna. While there are hundreds of sightings of the believed-to-be-extinct Thylacine in Australia these are the first from Austria. They are said to be not dangerous and are likely to interact with children.

Prof. Hans Sauerkraut

Prof. Hans Sauerkraut

Zoology expert Prof. Hans Sauerkraut explains: "While Lemurs are generally not harmful to humans, little is known about Thylacines. My advice is to stay at home until situation resolves."

We got our hands on some exclusive footage of the two animals photograped by local wildlife photographer Gerald S.:






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My costume

I didn't post anything in a while, so here are a few photos of Tyler Thylacine. I redid quite a few things, like new hair, new nose, hew hands and feet, more padding and many little things. It's not me wearing it since I took the photos.





Thylacine in Vienna

When Tobi, me and another friend went photographing last week, we came across this critter in the inner city, he goes by the name Tyler.

He goes by the name Tyler and is a Tasmanian Tiger


I got art

I present you 2 amazing pieces of art I got from friends. Thanks so much again 🙂
Both happen to be of Tyler Thylacine, a character of mine.

Tyler Thylacine, drawn by kipper
Tyler drawn by Kipper! Isn't it great?

Tyler Thylacine, drawn by Trish Forstner
Tyler, drawn by Trish Forstner. It's so awesome!
Make sure to check out her blog for even more great art!