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Eurofurence 21 report

Here's the report from this year's Eurofurence! 🙂


Repairing a Sony MDP-650 Laserdisc player

It took me years to find a decent Laserdisc player in Austria, and a few years ago I managed to get a Sony MDP-650 at a foreclosure auction. I was the only bidder. There is neither supply nor demand for LD players in this country, which isn't surprising as the system was never really popular here, so barely anyone even knows that these things exist.

Anyway, my player worked perfectly fine for a few years (I just had to replace the belt that connects to the gear lifting the LD at first), but recently it stopped working.

What happened was:

  • The disc gets raised
  • The disc gets lowered (this is how it always goes, so nothing unusual here yet)
  • I press play
  • The disc gets raised again
  • The laser module moves back and forth around 4 times, with about 1 second between each try
  • The disc gets lowered again, the player just displays "disc"

It was the same for CDs and LDs, which made it unlikely for the Laser to be the issue as it was unlikely for both Lasers to break at the same time. I suspected the skew motor, which keeps the Laser in focus, but upon closer examination the skew motor was fine. I did however manage to get the player to play discs by turning the skew motor in a way that the Laser is very low. The player could then read discs for a few seconds.
Thanks to a suggestion by the user rein-o in a thread I posted at the lddb.com forums I figured out that the discs were at the wrong height, so I found out where to adjust that and got it to a height where the player seems to be working after a few tries. It seems that the platter slipped down slowly over the years and just needed some readjustment.

Spindle of a Sony MDP-650 LD player

I adjusted the height of the Spindle using the little screw on the side.

I hope this helps if you're experiencing the same problem. I also have a PDF of the Sony MDP-650 service manual, so if you're in need of that, just drop me an e-mail!

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The Estrel

Recently, Henrieke and me (and Kiki) were in Berlin to see a concert and to meet friends. Since we were curious about the Estrel, Eurofurence's next location, we stayed there one night to see what it's like. In case anyone finds it interesting, I'll write about our experiences, especially comparing the hotel to the Maritim. Keep in mind that everything is based on a one-night-stay and will also contain personal opinions that others might not share! This should not be a deciding factor for going to Eurofurence. You should go anyway as it'll be amazing!

Estrel hotel in Berlin

The very massive Estrel.


Kraftwerk at Evoluon

A bit late, but here it is: our report of the Kraftwerk concert on 18th October at the Evoluon in Eindhoven. We've been in this building once before, and it looks not only out of this world but also pretty nice from the inside. Usually it's used as space for conventions, but there could hardly any better place for a Kraftwerk concert than this! We went with Layown, Kaelin and Kenai who were all pretty stoked about seeing KRaftwerk live, thanks to Kenai for snatching us some tickets again, the concert was booked out instantly and we didn't manage to get any ourselves. Here are some impressions from the evening!

The Evoluon in Eindhoven from the inside.

The Evoluon from the inside.

Kraftwerk playing with some extra-fancy CG-Evoluon on the background.

Kraftwerk playing with some extra-fancy CG-Evoluon on the background.

Kraftwerk with 3d projections in the background

They are ze robots.

Ralf Hütter, the only remaining member of the original Kraftwerk lineup, being very focused.

Ralf Hütter, the only remaining member of the original Kraftwerk lineup, being very focused.

As you can see on the photos, there was a 3D projection in the background. Due to us standing right in front of the stage, the 3D effect didn't work too well, but seeing Keaftwerk from so close was much cooler anyway! I got some really nice shots that way.

Kraftwerk with 3d projections in the background


The audience of the Kraftwerk concert

The audience.

A Kraftwerk band member playing music.

Maybe he was playing Solitaire..?

The inside of the Eindhoven Evoluon.

The inside of the Evoluon.

Kraftwerk Band members at the concert in the Eindhoven Evoluon.

All 4 members.

Evoluon at night.

The venue from the outside.

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Two drawings

Tyler Thylacine and Dog
This was sketched by Henrieke and inked and colored by me.

Flagstaff Coyote
An Icon of Flagstaff Coyote

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Friday Sketchdump #98

Whoops, Sunday already.. I'll blame the switch from DST to normal time.

Derpy cartoon skunk

Hyenackal cartoon
Sketch of a "Hyenackal", needs to be inked!

Cougari cougar and Kiki lemur
Some never-finished doodles I did in a lecture I believe.

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