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  1. just wondering how much it would cost to get some items drawn by your self looking for a kangaroo and platypus.
    regards Brian

  2. What would it cost me to get a logo for a Trampoline company I run here in the states in Vector file? It would be a cartoon kangaroo a lot like the “happy kangaroo” drawing you have on this site, and I would need him jumping on a trampoline. Also can you animate a short 2-5 second flash of the kangaroo jumping up and down on the trampoline as well as a still image?

  3. hello, just wondering how much it would cost for a young croc a bit like the one you have already, a kangroo just looking at you and a little boy knight on a horse ?
    thank you very much

  4. Found your site by accident. really love your work. I’m interested in possibly hiring you, please send your rates to nogood2010@hotmail.com

    Thanks in advance,


  5. Please contact me about making a cartoon character sketch.

  6. Hi I was looking for a cartoonist to do some work for me and I like some of your sketches, So if you would be interested in doing some work for my company please email me and tell me what you would charge, I will be needing multiple cartoons drawn thank you stacyratajczyk@yahoo.com

  7. Need Ferret logo, can you please let me know if you are available. Thanks.

  8. Hi,

    Would like to use your cartoon with the Kangaroo and Camera.

    I do amateur photography that I post to face book pages. of groups that I shoot, namely car racing.

    Please let me know



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