Zoo Vienna

I’ve been to the Zoo today. Probably one of the last days where it isn’t too cold for going.
Only few photos turned out good, sadly.

Mungos mungo (Banded Mongoose)
Banded MongooseBanded MongooseBanded Mongoose

Ursus maritimus (Polar bear)
Polar Bear

Lemur catta (Ring-tailed Lemur)
Lemur cattaLemur cattaLemur catta
Lemur cattaLemur cattaLemur catta

Macropus parma (Parma Wallaby)
Macropus parma

Ailuropoda melanoleuca (Giant Panda)
Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Sciurus vulgaris (Red Squirrel)
Sciurus vulgarisSciurus vulgarisSciurus vulgaris

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