These should last a while

Sanford Col-erase pencils

72 Sanford col-erase pencils. They rule, because you can erase them. Also they were really cheap! The disney animator I met in August gave one to me, but I framed the pencil rather than using it.
Well, now I have enough pencils for some years I think.

By the way, I thought this would be a good Idea at first, but it turned out really scary (also, I never tried Kool-Aid):


1 thought on “These should last a while”

  1. the Kool-aid character looks familiar. I think I’ve seen him drawn in a similar way before, don’t remember when nor where however. Funny how something appearance innocent, can appear so scary at the same time, upon closer look.

    Nice collection of pencils.. Do you really need 72 of them at once?

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