Friday Sketchdump #5

Okay, this week I drew definately VERY much as this is only a small portion of the sketches I did.
Most of them are very inspired by Tex Avery and John K as I watched alot of their toons recently.

I also have been to a Comic Meeting yesterday, which was awesome! I even met an artist who worked for disney 15 years ago, and he gave me some really useful tips.. and told me my hands suck, but.. yes.. they actually do, but practicing hands is boring. But he explained me how imporant hands are for the whole expression, so I guess I’ll end up drawing alot of hands next week. 😉

Some sketches, inspired by Tex Avery and John Kricfalusi
Screwball Squirrel! My first attempt to draw him, yet there are many things that went wrong.

Weird looking Kangaroo
A more abstract Kangaroo in oC.

thirsty Otter

grumpy Fox
grumpy Fox

John K
First attempt on a character by John K.

John K character
Second attempt, drawn at the Comic meeting.

Wacky lemur
A wacky lemur I drew at the meeting after someone asked me to draw something really weird.

Dynamic pose
Very quick dynamic pose sketch.

jumping kangaroo
Drawn in starbucks. They played no Jazz today, sadly.


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