Australia, here I come!

(cc) Flickr user portage_tide_new

I bought a Ticket to Australia last Friday!
Leaving on Feb. 4th, returning on Feb. 29th.

And places I shouldn’t miss?
So far on my List are:

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra (many Traceurs there)
  • Kangaroo Island
  • Fraser Island
  • Tasmania (?)

3 thoughts on “Australia, here I come!”

  1. So, finally leaving for Australia ^^. That’s something to really look forward to. I wouldn’t know of any places you’d really need to visit, but I could ask some friends of mine, living there..

    it’ll be February before you know

  2. I wouldn’t worry about missing Canberra. It’s kind of boring. Make Tasmania a priority, though, and give yourself at least one full day to wander in their wilderness preserves.

  3. definitely go to canberra…the place itself is fairly boring but the pk-scene there is fantastic and there are great places to train at…
    when u’ve got a spare afternoon in sydney then pls pay ‘nice cream’ at 300 glenmore rd in paddington a visit. they make the best ice cream one can dream of….

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