Okay, I really need to find a way to improve faster at acrobatics. Since EF, I totally focused on drawing, and totally disregarded tricking. But when I’m in Australia, I want to trick with all the people there as it’s summer when I’m there and there is a big tricking community (compared to Austria at least)

So, I had the idea to just post my progress every Saturday, along with a photo/video of a new trick I learned, similar to the Sketchdump. The Sketchdump really required me to draw at least a few sketches every week, so I hope this works with tricking too 🙂

Also I’ll train tricking-related muscles everyday now and also play at least a few rounds of DDR, as it’s probably the funniest exercise for jump power.

Just for the fun, I’ll do at least 7000 push-ups until Australia.

give me a minute..

only 6910 left to do now 🙂

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