Friday Sketchdump #9

Finally, more time for sketching this week. A few of them were drawn at the Comic Meeting in Vienna, where mostly “oldskool” Comic Artists, but also a few younger Artists in my age meet. Check out Raxt0rs DeviantArt page for many awesome artworks!

Some of the sketches are made with 0.1mm Fineliner. I like sketching with them as there is no way to undo something, and therefore it’s faster than with pencil.

a Squirrel
Many things went wrong with this critter.. but I learned from the mistakes.

Ferrets 🙂

Gerald requested me to draw a “Dragonferret”, I think it came out nice.

a Bird
A random bird and my pathetic try on a background.

More random sketches.


1 thought on “Friday Sketchdump #9”

  1. The first one doesn’t look that wrong at all upon first sight. but yeah, the nose seems to be in a different perspective from the head itself. The same goes for the tail.

    The Ferrets are most amusing, I like their various poses and expressions, some of which are quite hilarious. Your Ferrets are getting better by the day. It’s intriguing how much a few lines can tell about the overall shape an texture of the creature.

    The “Dragonferret”, or Fraggot as my brother dubbed him, immediately sparked my interest. It’s been a while since I last saw you draw one. It’s nice to see how well the head suits the overall body, not making it appear too much as two serrate creatures. I like the wings particularly. One thing that makes me wonder however is whether the underbelly, in between his arms and legs is a bit too long…

    The bird
    Actually the background looks pretty good, and I definately wouldn’t call it pathetic. It does however have a fatal flaw in it. The pier has more detail to it through shading, causing the main attention to fall upon the pier rather than on the bird, which I expect would have been your intention.

    I think I’m beginning to understand why you like using the fine liner for some of your works and sketches, like the last of this lot. My favorite of these are either the lower left one with it’s sheer innocent appearance, whether just or not I cannot say, or the top right ferret…

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