Friday Sketchdump #12

Happy new year everyone!

banded palm civet mascot character for the ni-limits mascot contest
This was a Mascot I made for a contest of the Ni-Limits company. Apparently I was the only one who submitted a valid entry, so they made a new deadline in 7 months.

a pose from a tex avery cartoon
“What the hell?” – pose from a Tex Avery Short

a pose inspired by tex avery cartoons
Practice on Line of Action, anatomy is wrong but at least the pose looks not that bad imho.

exaggerated cartoon expression
More tries on exaggeration.. this is not really convincing though.

banded palm civet sketch
A sketch I did while brainstorming for the Mascot contest. He’s now welcoming visitors here.

Thylacine doodle, colored by a friend
A Thylacine sketch from an openCanvas Session, colored by a friend. She did a nice job on the outlines and coloring, and I did a poor on the sketch 😉

dragon sketch
Dragon Sketch + a weird fox

Kangaroo doodle
Tried to make a kangaroo with more kangaroo-like anatomy

running pose
That’s how it looks like when I don’t clean up a sketch.

Thylacine doodle
Another half-finished thylacine sketch.


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