Friday Sketchdump #14

Late as always, this weeks sketches!

Space Ferret
A Space Ferret from outer Space!

Thylacine Sketches
Thylacine sketches, I actually forgot to post them last week.

expression practice
practiced drawing more “normal” expressions.

keyframe practice
This is an exercise from “Animators survival Kit”

Toony Sinonyx and a more abstract one.

Cynognathus Sketch
A so-called Cynognathus

Drew this expression from memory, it’s an expression John K used in the Video he did for the Al Yankovic song.

Electric ray
Electric Ray + Nessie or something..


1 thought on “Friday Sketchdump #14”

  1. Wow. Months ago I thought, “This Art- Style looks perfect”, but your art even became better and better. I like the differnt expressions of your characters. They just look great! 😉 *watches on*

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