More bad news

Man, I hope I’ll have some better things to report of when I’m in Australia..

I couldn’t make it to the event with Talla 2XLC.. even though I promised it to Tabbie (one of my best friends ever), I was too late to catch the Bus to Bratislava.
Makes me feel really bad.

The other thing is, my other (and now only) Hamster Robin has a Tumor.. discovered it yesterday, been to the vet today. There is nothing I could do about it, and that means he won’t be there anymore when I come back from Australia.

The more or less good news is, that the vet said that Max most probably had a cardiac defect, and even if I discovered it earlier, I couldn’t have done anything anyway.

Apart from that, I have loads of stress with packing for Australia and a cold.

1 thought on “More bad news”

  1. Not too great a start when getting ready for Australia. It’s a sad thing, but you couldn’t have done anything about it… I’m sure the trip itself will be a turn for the better though. Try not to worry too much about everything when there and only focus on the right then and there in Australia for a change. Have a good trip!

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