Yesterday (Sunday) : Didn’t do much at all, except meeting up with some friends of Michael for playing DDR in the City. I failed mostly because I’m quite out of practice and I hardly knew any Song, as I usually play ITG. Still it was fun. 🙂

DDR at Myer Center, Brisbane

Today (Monday): Got up early, packed my stuff and went to the South Bank Train Station, where I had enough time to go into the Art Store of the Griffith University, and it was the best Art Store ever.

Super Sculpey
All kinds of Super Sculpey!

The animators survival kit
Great Books!

Sanford col-erase pencils
And the best thing, Sanford Col-erase pencils, even green ones!

I bought 10 as they weren’t exactly cheap, then catched the train to the airport. Arrived there in time and had a late departure.

Looney Tunes on Airplane
Watched Looney Tunes, Simpsons and Futurama for the whole flight 🙂

Also sketched a bit with my new pencils 🙂

Aerial View of Victoria
This is what Victoria looks from above.

Arrived there, but didn’t have a host as none of the couchsurfers replied. Luckily Kaz, a friend of a friend of Michael agreed to host me, thanks again!
No plans for tomorrow yet, I guess I’ll just explore the city a bit.

4 thoughts on “Melbourne”

  1. Glad you were able to find a place to stay after all.

    Great art store indeed. Super sculpey and the Animator’s survival kit. A collection I’ve not come across before.

    Interesting to see you’ve gotten out of practice with DDR, still recalling how good you used to be.

    Nice sketch ^^

  2. Anthony: The art store was on the Griffith University Campus in Brisbane. It was pure luck I found it.
    They told me they imported them from the U.S. and probably only few stores in Australia have them at all.

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