Bye Australia!

In a few minutes I’ll be in the plane back home to Austria!
So, thanks to everyone I met and especially to the ones that hosted me for making this month an awesome one!

Thanks to: Bonnie, Tom, Eliza, Romana, Aussie, Borko, Nathan, Michael, Duncan, Christine, Nathan, Christopher, Rose, Kaz, Jake, Nick, Damian, Rhett, Gai, Jon, Nick #2, Djota, Jess, and everyone who I forgot

Yesterday I did nothing special, just walked around in Sydney, spent most time in Starbucks, sketching.
The day before I’ve taken a tour through the Cascade Brewery in Hobart (they make the best beer in Australia):

Cascade Brewery in South Hobart
Cascade Brewery

I also met Babette from Germany there, who was the only other Visitor from overseas there.

Me and Babette in the Cascade Brewery Visitor Center
Me and Babette in the Visitor Center, fake Thylacine and Brewery in the Background

Babette had to leave for the next tour soon, I stayed a bit and got lots of free beer (at 11:00 in the morning). Almost missed my next Tour because I forgot about the time.
I still made it back to the center and catched the Bus that took me to Bonorong Wildlife Park. The Park itself was great, but the Tour reminded me why I hate guided Tours. We only had one hour there, so I split apart from the group to get to see the Quolls (Eastern and Spotted-Tail). The other visitors only saw Koalas and Wombats, because the Tourguides obviously didn’t know they only had 1 hour.

Quoll at Bonorong Wildlife Park, Tasmania
Eastern Quoll, who preferred to sleep long.

Tasmanian Devil at Bonorong Wildlife Park, Tasmania
Tassie Devil

Kangaroo Joey at Bonorong Wildlife Park, Tasmania
Kangaroo Joey

After it the Bus took us to Richmond, which seems to be an Attration because of very old Buildings. Boring old Buildings. I would have preferred to stay in the Wildlife Park, but a combined tour was the only Option available.. I’ve seen the oldest Church in Australia there, which looked quite nice, but not nice enough to waste your bandwith with it.

I’ll post all Sketches I did in Australia on Friday!

2 thoughts on “Bye Australia!”

  1. All good things have to end sometime, and time does fly sadly enough.

    It’s a pity you didn’t enjoy Richmond as much as the wildlife park, but you at least got to see what you wanted rather than the guided remainder of the group. Good thing you were still standing after those beers.

    Well, looking forward to those sketches.

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