Friday Sketchdump #28

cartoon Quoll Sketch
A quoll 🙂

Ferret doodles and a fox drawing
some ferrets and a fox

cartoon otter drawing
an otter

cartoon coati drawing
a coati

surfing character
I forgot where I saw this character, but anyway I drew him surfing!


1 thought on “Friday Sketchdump #28”

  1. I was wondering if you may be interested in selling me you services. We have a band that play classic rock and are looking to get a logo or something like that for our name. I noticed you excellent cartoon Otters and we would love to have you design a logo based on that cartoon. Please let me know when you can what your cost would be. We are interested in a color drawing and the only stipulation is the otter wears a hat like our lead singer does. Thanks.

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