Christmas Presents

Wow! Loads of awesome stuff I got this christmas. Also I was reminded once again how lucky I am to have such a great family. 🙂

Anyway, here’s what I got:
My Christmas Presents
At first, christmas cards from friends around the world (thanks to everyone!), an Ukulele (finally!), another bright orange DryFIT shirt (can’t have enough of those), Glicos from our japanese friends (awesome candys), A TOTALLY AWESOME TEX AVERY FIURINE (which I’ll explain later), Pralines, Disney Comics, Books (a Thriller and one about Toilets), DVD (Hollow Man), a laminating machine and Eric Goldbergs “Animation Crash course”, which seems to be the best book about animation since Preston Blairs.

Tex Avery figurine from “The Early bird dood it”

So this is the figurine I got. It’s from “The early bird dood it”.
To refresh your memory, here’s a screencap:

Screencap from “The early bird dood it”

The figurine is totally awesome and I just posted this to make everyone jealous 😉

Luckily the gifts I gave to others were also liked (Beer, Giant Microbes, DVDs, other stuff). The most fun thing was probably the tiny RC helicopter I gave to one of my brothers. It’s totally fun and survived many crashes already. I should get one for myself too..

Tiny RC Helicopter
Amazing that this actually works (very well even). It just needs quite some practice.

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