Friday Sketchdump #50 (christmas edition)

Some wondered why I didn’t post a Sketchdump for over a month. The answer is simple: I had tons of assignments to do in december, had to get christmas presents + do a ton of christmas cards, so not much time for sketching.
This is already the #50, quite alot to me.. I really made an improvement since I started, but there’s still much left to learn.

This is a funny meme where you have to draw expressions for (imprecise) words

christmas ferret card
This was an earlier Idea for a christmas card, but I went for something else as I basically did this last year already

Angry Ferret
Angry Ferret. (ignore the other hand)

cartoon Thylacine drawings
Once again some Thylacines

Mutt sketch
Sketch for FPS


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