USA Trip: 3.02.

Slept long again, went to the grocery store with Steve and Henrieke and made some “Berner Würstel”. They tasted kind of different from the ones I can make in austria since pretty much all ingredients were different, but it worked 🙂

Berner Würstel American style
American style Berner Würstel

Went to meet up for a coffee with some people later, I tried to not eat too much this day because all that american food makes my stomach go nuts.
Finally watched Bolt after that. The whole point of the movie can be explained very shortly: Bolt is cute.
Personally I liked Ratatouille better, storywise, but still it was a good movie.
Not many photos because I forgot taking them 😛

Said goodbye to Steve as he’s going to leave at 5am tomorrow.

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