Cameroon trip: 17.02.

Got up at 6 and went to Buea, the town at the base of Mt. Cameroon where we met out guides.
We had one Guide per person, making us a group of 12 as Yaya also joined us.

View to Mount Cameroon from Buea
View from Buea
Doesn’t look at high as it is, but in fact it’s 4095 meters, and this photo is taken from 1100 meters above sea level.

First Hut at Mount Cameroon
First we had a 3-hour walk through the forest. This was the first hut where we took a short lunch break.

Forest of Mount Cameroon
Also it was foggy.

Mount Cameroon
Next part was grasslands, the black part was burned down by intent. I didn’t find out why yet.

Hiking on Mount Cameroon
My father, Stephen (our guide), Stephan, Johannes, Andi, Yaya

Mount Cameroon
Nice views, but due to fog always very limited..

Mount Cameroon
Like on another planet…

third Hut on Mount Cameroon
We finally made it to the third hut at about 2pm. It was VERY exhausting, and you can’t really see on the photos how steep it was.
We met a few other hikers from france, had a small dinner and went to bed early as we had to get up at 3:50am the next morning.

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