Cameroon trip: 18.02.

Didn’t have a hard time getting up at 3:30am as sleeping on wooden planks isn’t exactly comfortable.
It was of course pitch dark ouside, so we started our trip equipped with 3 flashlights. This time only one guide went with us.

The hut was on 2800 meters, so we still had about 1300 meters to go.
One awesome thing was this, where I have no idea what you would call it in english:

Weather phenomenon from Mount Cameroon
That wasn’t the sun, but lots of flashes and 30-second exposure. Taken at about 4:30 in the morning.

Sunrise from Mount Cameroon
The sunrise looked nice aswell.

The fourth hut on Mount Cameroon
The fourth and last hut before the summit at an altitude of 3870m.

Summit of Mount Cameroon
Horray, we made it!

We spent only about 3 minutes there because it was so extremely stormy, you could hardly stand.

Summit of Mount Cameroon
In case you want to look where I was on Google Maps, here are the coordinates.

Mount Cameroon
Another view from the top.

Mount Cameroon
This photo shows at least a bit how steep it was. the tiny white thing is the third hut again.
I didn’t take any more photos afterwards as I was busy not stumbling down the mountain. My legs felt like rubber sausages but after a very long walk we finally made it to the car and eventually to the shower.

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