Friday Sketchdump #55

Once again, I hardly drew anything the entire week, but yesterday I gave uStream a try. I sat there for about 3 hours and drew what people requested. It was lot’s of fun and gets me to draw at least, so I guess I’ll do that more often!
So here are some of the results:

cartoon boar
A boar. I promised Louve to draw one some time ago.

cartoon coati drawing
A coati.

cartoon duck drawing
A duck for Henrieke.

Various cartoon drawings, including a moose, a wolf and a ferret
Random requests.

Tyler Thylacine


3 thoughts on “Friday Sketchdump #55”

  1. That Coati it’s perfect for my project.
    I’m making a educative game for children and the pet it’s a coati.
    Can i use your drawing? Full credit to you of course.

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