Friday Sketchdump #71

AudioDile Mixing
This was a quick drawing for DJ Audiodile. Again, check out his site for finest Electro House mixes.

Here’s a drawing I made to figure out the color pattern for Tonic, not final yet. (Might get turned into a costume at some point)

generic cartoon pidgeon
A generic pidgeon or something, I colored it like a 3-year old just for the sake of having a full-color sketchdump.

1 thought on “Friday Sketchdump #71”

  1. I love your ferret arts but I’d do them a bit longer body, like weasels and others have… If you know what I mean. And really not meaning to offence you. I love your work and I’m using them as a study material, if that’s ok with you?

    I do some drawing too but have never used cartoon style until I visited your blog, so thank you for inspiration!

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