Friday Sketchdump #78

I like keeping texts minimal, so I wonder whether this line above all my sketchdumps where I say something meaningless is really necessary.

Kangaroo drawings
More tries on figring out a design.. I’m not too fond of those though.

Ballpoint sketch I made in the Coffeeshop where I got to try out the awesome Pentel Waterbrush. I was too lazy to color the head though. I like this design even though it still looks very generic.

Kangaroo drawing
Not enough kangaroos yet. Have another one.

3 thoughts on “Friday Sketchdump #78”

  1. Oh WOW thanks for commenting on my blog, and I’m happy you like my stuff! I still have to figure many things out, but it’s fun so I keep doing it 😉
    I admire your art alot but you probably know that!

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