How to avoid updating Windows Live Messenger / MSN

So recently I couldn’t sign in with Windows Live Messenger 8.5 anymore. Well I thought 9.0 can’t be that bad, but in fact 9.0 is major bullshit and one of the crappiest pieces of software I’ve ever seen.

Some may say 8.5 is bad, but in fact it’s very usable when you remove everything unnecessary with A-Patch

Anyway, the easy way to continue using WLM 8.5 is:

  1. Go to the MSN Directory (most likely C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger)
  2. right-click on msnmsgr.exe, then click on Properties
  3. Go to the Compatibility Tab
  4. Select “Windows 2000”

voila, MSN signs in again 🙂

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