This christmas was awesome! Had a great and relaxing time with my family, went to church, made punch, and I got the most awesome presents and christmas cards. (I’ll make a separate post on awesome cards later since not all did arrive yet).

Here’s the best present ever, LOG! All kids love log.

I would never have expected that this actually exists, but my brother got me a log for christmas. AWESOME!

Christmas presents!

Here’s everything I got: Sempé in New York, Making Comics by Scott McCloud, a Tea Box, LOG, Ong Bak 2, Banlieu 13, a chocolate keyboard, a ceramic knife, japanese shrimp snacks, a cartoon cup, a mini tripod & USB cardreader, a Softbox for photography and a travel bag. 🙂

My hamster Nico with filled cheeks

My hamster Nico also got alot of things, which he quickly stuffed into his cheeks!

Hamster with Corn on the Cob

Nico with his christmas corn on the cob 🙂

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