GooglePlex, Shoreline and Trampolines (19.01.2010)

I tried finding out whether they do any tours at GooglePlex, the Google headquarters. I couldn’t find anything on it though, so we just went there. We couldn’t enter the office, but still it was awesome.


Found a giant Nexus One!

T-Rex with shades at GooglePlex

Inside the Campus

The shoreline was right behind the GooglePlex, and basically was a hilly field of gras with tons of ground squirrels, hares and many kinds of birds!



Next stop was JumpSkyHigh, the most awesome Trampoline place ever!

Finally did a fulltwist there, awesome! Back at Jimmys place, we just went to the store to get some Cheerios for breakfast and then went to bed, being all exhausted.

1 thought on “GooglePlex, Shoreline and Trampolines (19.01.2010)”

  1. Hi Thomas,

    here´s your brother Andy. Nice to read about your journey every day. I had a terrible week with lot of work and less sleep. We had to pack all the f*#§4 stuff in the office. I sleept two nights in the office. But now everything is done and i´m tired.
    Have fun, enjoy Life 🙂

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