Fabric District and Santa Monica Beach (4.02.)

We didn’t have any plans at all, so we decided to see the famous fabric district. Dani wanted to join too, so we picked her up from Burbank and went to downtown LA. The fabric district was sure impressive, endless piles of fabric and some were even useful to us.
We only had a quick lunch at Subway since in total we only had 3 hours at all. We all got some costume supplies and had to get our car at 5:30, since all the stores and also the parking lot closed at that time.

It was like this times 100.

Downtown LA from a rooftop parking lot.

Nothing special here, I just like the composition.

Only the finest fabrics in the fabric district.


Unsure what to do, we went to the beach and took some long-exposure shots and enjoyed the fresh breeze.



Since Rob Klein wanted to meet up for dinner, we picked him up at his place and went to a mexican place, which turned out to be closed. The place we went to instead was pretty nice too! Dani and Henrieke sketched a bit and we chatted about cartoons. Also cornbread is cake, not bread.
Afterwards Rob invited us to his place, where we got to see lots of amazing storyboards for released and unreleased Disney comics.

Dani, Henrieke and Rob in their element.

Since it got pretty late already, we had to bring Dani back to Burbank. When we arrived at her place, I noticed alot of smoke coming out of the car, which kinda made me panick, but then again she lives on a hill and we drove up slowly, which made the motor run too hot and the cooling liquid boil. And since that wasn’t enough to make me nervous, we got held up by the sheriff, who told us the registration for this car was expired. After handing her our IDs and the obviously not-expired registration, we had to wait and were asked some questions, and everything was fine. They were really nice too so that wasn’t a big issue at all.
We finally arrived at Tobis place at about 1:00.

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