Annie Awards! (6.02.)

Both Henrieke and me ran out of clean clothes, so during the morning we were busy doing laundry. After some cheap hot dogs for lunch Chris and Margo invited us to a japanese market. It was like a little mall, full of japanese stores, I enjoyed it alot!

Japanese market

This, by the way, is the car we’ve been driving around with so far. It’s Tobi’s old car which is kind of falling apart but working fine.

Later we met up with Jason at a FedEx Office store, where I printed some of my sketches from my phone since he was a bit late. We arrived at Royce Hall just in time for the Annie Award ceremony. The host this evening was William Shatner, who was actually witty!
The show was really awesome thanks to many people, especially the guy doing the voice of Spongebob. I will upload some videos later. By the way, Eric Goldberg received his well-earned award for character development in Princess and the frog.
After the ceremony, we went to the VIP afterparty, first got some catering-food since we were super-hungy. We felt kind of out-of-place but in fact everyone was really friendly and we got to talk to alot of artists. Meeting Eric Goldberg was of course very important, and so eventually we walked up to him, being super-nervous. He was really friendly, we talked a bit about 2D animation and showed him out drawings. This pretty much made our day!

After everything closed down around midnight, we went to Denny’s where we had some drinks/bacon and sketched a bit. Then we brought Jason home who we couldn’t thank enough for enabling us to go to this amazing event! Also thanks to everyone else who made this possible!

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