Some stuff we did so far

Since out activities were kind of limited so far by my foot I didn’t have enough to write one post per day, so here is what we did the past week. My foot is already alot better, I can walk short distances already and I’m confident I can make it to Disney next week.

A photo Henrieke took in Magic Kingdom, I wasn’t there though but went to FamiLab with Chris instead.

Even though I could use crutches, using these electric mobility scooters in the supermarket is way more fun.

2 Stickers, drawn by Henrieke and me and cut out on Chris’ vinyl cutter. My Netbook looks so much cooler now!

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  1. hello my name is Steph and im 18 years old. im studying Animation at fullerton soon. anyway… i am very inspired in your art work and sketches its wierd because i almost draw just like you. i like all the characters you make up. but any ways id like to email you some drawingsofmine and see if you. an gove me feed back 🙂

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