Comicbörse 04/2011

Today another Comicbörse took place! Gerald, Andi, Lisa and me had a table there, and despite not selling much we had a great time!


Since sales went slow, Tyler gave sketch commissions a try:

(Photo by Atkelar)

Tyler also met this nice girl who drew 2 pages of giftart for him! (Photo by Atkelar)

After the event we had another artjam at a mexican restaurant. The food was good, but I kinda miss the huge portions and the free refills from the states! 😉

1 thought on “Comicbörse 04/2011”

  1. Yay, was really great to see ya all at the comicbörse. ^^

    Hope to see ya all again at the next comicbörse, or at a furmeeting in vienna.

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