Vienna Comix – 22.April 2012

Today we had a fun day at Vienna Comix again! Gerald, Luri, Andi, Lisa, Henrieke and me had a table again where we sold art prints, patches and sketches. We were also asked to bring our costumes again, so I brought Tyler and Dog and Gerald brought Eddie. We had a lot of fun interacting with the kids at the event and got a lot of photos taken, people also really liked getting sketches drawn by giant animals!

Dog, happy kid and Eddie.
Dog drew stuff for kids!
A photo made using a Polaroid spectra camera and a cartridge of the last produced batch of original Polaroid film.
Tyler Thylacine also drew for kids.
Tyler, drawing himself.
Tyler was asked to promote the next event but ended up eating the flyer.


1 thought on “Vienna Comix – 22.April 2012”

  1. hi Tyler ^^
    Met you once again at the Vienna Comixx ^^ only for short (had my stand as well) but was great seeing you again ^^

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