Japan Trip – 3.05.

Today we went to Nara, an old city full of  Temples and deer. We also met more Kawamichi family members there, Masato and Yuka. From the main station, we walked to a big area that was famous for having deer running around. Continue reading for more about deer and temples.

Busy streets in Nara.

A pagoda
Wide-angle deer.
Henrieke, feeding a deer.

After feeding deer and looking at temples, we had lunch at a very traditional Japanese restaurant, we even sat on the floor. The food was absolutely delicious!

Tasty japanese food. For some reason, they like to wrap it in leaves.
Our japanese friends.

After that we went to see more Temples, while everyone else was looking at a giant Buddha, we photographed deer and sat down at a buddhist statue and tried out life drawing.

Instant photography still is common in Japan.
Old-timey looking photos shot using Impossible PX680 first flush film.
The deer weren't shy at all.

Since it started raining, we went back to meet everyone and slowly went back to the train station. For the ride back we chose a faster train luckily which gave us more time to pack our things for the trip back to Tokyo tomorrow.

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