Polaroid Photos from Japan

Here are a few photos I took with my Polaroid Autofocus 660 camera and Impossible PX680 first flush film. I wanted to buy newer-generation film but they misunderstoof me at the store, so the colors of the photos are very interesting. I like how most came out!

Disneyland castle in Tokyo Disneyland on Polaroid

The Volcano in DisneySea Tokyo on Polaroid

The first monorail in Japan in Ueno Zoo, on Polaroid

Our artjam

A samurai caste on Polaroid

Streets of Kyoto, Japan on Polaroid

A temple in Kyoto on Polaroid

A Japan Railways train on Polaroid

A deer in Nara on Polaroid

Shinkansen in Tokyo on Polaroid

The Pokémon center in Tokyo on Polaroid

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