Japan Sketchdump

Cartoon kangaroo, squirrel and lemur.
Karpour, Kuro-Risu and Kiki.
An inlay for a starbucks tumblr we made for Takako.
Cartoon kangaroo wearing a respirator
My character, trying to fit in with japanese fashion.
Pachinko is very loud.
Pachinko is very loud.
Sketches of cartoon planes
Sketches of planes, drawin in a plane.
Cartoon plane drawn by Henrieke and me.
Cartoon plane drawn by Henrieke and me. We gave this drawing to the captain.
Sketch of a buddhist monument in Nara.
My attempt at life drawing, not the prettiest thing ever I'd say.

2 thoughts on “Japan Sketchdump”

  1. Hey hi…i like ur sketches very….much they r funny, witty, n very cleverly drawn @ d same tym…
    M new to sketching n all n loved ur blog instantly…
    Plz keep me updated about ur work…
    Wud love to read from u…
    Bye tc…
    N best wishesh…

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