USA Trip 2013 – 18.01.

At 4:30am we got up and to our delight it didn’t snow, keeping us optimistic! I was well-rested, Henrieke not that much, but at least we got to relax a bit at the hotel. We checked in 2 hours before the flight to give the staff more time to find our lost luggage, which was still somewhere in the transfer hall apparently.

Our flight was delayed once again by 45 minutes and we also arrived 45 minutes late at Paris. We arrived at Terminal 2F, our next flight departed from Terminal 2E. Sounds like a short walk, but it was NOT. Henrieke, me and another guy in the same situation ran through the whole airport and after about 20 minutes, we made it to Terminal 2E. Too bad that we were at Gate Block K, so we had to take the train to Gate Block M (which was about the size of the whole Terminal). After more running and producing enough stress hormones to supply a small town we finally arrived at the right gate where boarding was already in progress.

At first it looked like we’d fly a 747, but in reality we had to go to a bus that took us back to Terminal 2F where we entered a 777 and could finally feel a bit less stressed. We got middle row seats and I finished my last university paper this semester while Henrieke passed out on sleeping pills.

We arrived in time, the immigration line was long and of course our baggage didn’t arrive. This is where the problems started. The woman at the lost baggage counter gave us a file number and told us our baggage would be in Paris and would be on the same flight tomorrow. I was kind of peeved already because a full day is a pretty long time, but at least it would be delivered to the hotel.

At the airport Astro picked us up, he’s an incredibly nice guy and he likes space too! It took us around 1.5 hours to get our prepaid phone cards and to arrive at the hotel. We met up with Greg, dumped some of our stuff in the room and went around at the con. There are not many memories to write about though since we were basically Zombies and talking jibberish. Since we had absolutely no extra shirts though, Keovi in the Dealers Den gave us 2 of her awesomely designed shirts free of charge.

At one point we passed out for the day.

AirFrance Rage Meter: 20%

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