USA Trip 2013 – 22.01.-23.01.

After the con we went to Croc, Yippee, Bacon and Areo’s house and had some much needed sleep there. We spent the 22nd and 23rd mostly relaxing after our so far stressful trip, which was nice! We hung out with Croc and watched stupid videos together (like Jaboodie Dubs and MFT3K Starcrash). Our friends Howee, Oz and Duco came by and we all had dinner at Chili’s and did art trades. We also got visited briefly by Lance Ikegawa!

We went on a short walk to test the camera, here’s a photo we took across the street

On the 23rd we rested and drew some more, and in the evening we had some delicious Chicago-style deep dish pizza (as per Thomas’ request)!

Henrieke, Arrow, Croc, Jimmy.
Very cheesy, very tasty.

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