USA Trip 2013 – 25.01.

On this day we pretty much slept half of the day for a change and then went to JumpSkyHigh, a place where we’ve been 3 years ago. It’s basically a big arena made out of trampolines, giving endless possibilities for flips and twists. We went with Howee and Croc, and they even allowed us to bring Baseball for some photos!

This is how it looks like around Crocs house!
Best place ever!
Best place ever!
Baseball trying to fly off!
Baseball taking a break.

Later that day, Croc organized a party! Not just any party, but one to make up for our lost time at the convention which was incredibly nice of him. Croc made a dance at FC, but Thomas missed it due to jetlag and stress, so Croc invited around 20 people over to have our own little convention.


Lots of animals there!


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