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Art Trade

Here's my part of a recent art trade, inked with a Pentel brush pen and Copics!

Surgery on a teddy bear

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Friday Sketchdump #109

Cartoon bat kangaroo.

Here's the sketch of a badge I made for this year's EF...

Colored bat kangaroo.

...and the finished drawing.

Cartoon fruit bat.

Fruitbats are badass.

Batkat and Baseball bat collect money for charity.

Something I doodled into Titash's sketchbook after EF!


Friday Sketchdump #108

Catching up with more old drawings!



Kangaroo on a plane

I drew this on a flight from the Netherlands to Austria last year.

I drew the mascot of a pub in Vienna when we were there. They serve over 300 kinds of specialty beer.

I drew the mascot of a pub in Vienna when we were there. They serve over 300 kinds of specialty beer.

A drawing for friends we were invited to.

A drawing for friends we were invited to.


Friday Sketchdump #107

Catching up with some really old art for my Sketchdumps 🙂

Little red riding hood and a wolf.

Private commission

Baseball the spectacled flying fox getting a ride on Henrieke's bird character Jack.

Baseball getting a ride on Henrieke's character Jack.

Some kangaroo sketches for a job.

Some kangaroo sketches for a job.

Another kangaroo drawing for a different client, I believe it was a bouncy castle rental company.

Another kangaroo drawing for a different client, I believe it was a bouncy castle rental company.


Bon anniversaire Titash!

Here's a drawing I did for my Nutella-loving friend Titash's birthday!

Titash. eating Nutella.

Titash. eating Nutella.


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Audiodile: Sounds of the Future

Here's a poster I did together with my friend Eligecos for Audiodile's dance at BLFC, an 80s themed con. I did all the lineart and a rough background, Eligecos did the shading and some more of the background since my PC couldn't handle the giant file anymore!

80s-themed poster for Audiodile's dance at Biggest Little Furcon, drawn by karpour and Eligecos.

Poster for Audiodile's dance.

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An underwater broken picture telephone adventure

Without much comment, here is the result of tonights "eat poop you cat" game we did at the artjam after the Comic market.


"A chiuaua-space-dog and a sausage-space-dog playing chess in the deep sea, while a giant squid with mustache is serving tea." by Lisa

drawn by Wolfy

drawn by Wolfy

"Astronaut chihuahau and astronaut dachshund play a game of underwater chess while Stalintopus serves tea. Anglerfish swims by." by Henrieke

drawn by Yamavu

drawn by Yamavu

"Under the sea. You'll find this mad tea-party. Candlelight-dinners without candles and a game of kings and queens. It's a mad party you'll see. After some time you want to know what's right or wrong. Was there a head on this octopus? Nevermind." by Fischi

drawn by Andi

drawn by Andi

"Alice in Wonderland Tea Party scene with the Mad Hatter, Alice and the march hare but they are an octopus, a bunnyfish and Alice had rope for arms and smokes out of her head." by Phil

drawn by me

drawn by me

"Spaghetti arm girl had a tea party with her aquatic friends while a gentleman watches her from the shadows." by Yamavu

drawn by Phil

drawn by Phil

"The spaghetti monster is having the most delightful underwater tea party with deep sea creatures while a spy is watching." by Andi

drawn by Henrieke

drawn by Henrieke

"A private underwater detective is investigating at a tea party held by the flying spaghetti monster who invited all his fish friends." by me

drawn by Fischi

drawn by Fischi


Vienna Comix

Here are some photos of the comic event "Vienna Comix" last weekend! Henrieke, me, Gerald, Luri, Lisa and Andy had a table again and Baseball showed up too!
Since it was the 20th anniversary and also the ever-popular Star Wars special with people coming from as far as Germany, it was very busy again.



When it finally calmed down a little, it was time for Baseball to get out and entertain people.

Baseball encounters a Stormtrooper. Photo by Atkelar.

Baseball encounters a Stormtrooper. Photo by Atkelar.

After fooling around a bit, Baseball went to the table and offered sketches to people which turned out to be quite popular!

Our table.

Our table.

Baseball drawing.

Baseball drawing.

This kid got a drawing too!

This kid got a drawing too!

Also, don't forget to visit the next Vienna Comix on 1st of December!



Game Concept

I hardly ever post my university assignments, but this is one I found particularly fun to make. It is part of the course "Explorative design" which focuses on game design.


The goal of this assignment is to develop an idea and story for a game targeted at kids undergoing leukemia treatment. Over a period of about 2 years, they mostly have to stay at home due to their vulnerable immune system. The game should be able to find out every day how the kid feels in an entertaining way and forward the results to the supervising doctor who then can see negative trends and act if needed.

These requirements weren't strict, but I thought it might be interesting to see what I could come with.


For the game, I set myself the following requirements:

  • The game should not get boring after playing it every day.
  • There should be multiple approaches to proceeding in the game.
  • The game should allow a degree of individualism.
  • The player should not be forced to play parts of the game they don't enjoy, if possible.
  • The player should be able to play as long as they feel like every day.
  • The story of the game should lift the spirits of the kid playing it in a way.


Next step was to research which games contain mechanics which fit this context.

Harvest Moon screenshot

Harvest Moon is a great example for a game featuring a story, game mechanics that keep players excited over a long time and a lot of freedom in their actions in the game and is definitely a good inspiration for a game that has to meet these requirements. The player has to basically take care of a farm which takes a lot of work and good planning, but as he progresses and earns money, additional story arcs open which further keep the player interested in progressing.

My little pony screenshot

My little pony (Android, IOS) is a simple game where the goal is basically building a town and getting all characters of the TV show "My little pony". The way it works is that through mini games and waiting, players get money to buy various things. Actions in the game however take a certain amount of time (up to many hours). In this case, the motivation for letting players wait is getting them to pay money to advance further, but the idea of letting events take longer makes sure that players play the game longer and won't finish it in just a few days.

Browser Games like Planetarion also heavily rely on actions taking very long with game rounds taking many weeks.

Animal crossing screenshot

Animal Crossing is another game that offers the player a lot of freedom and also relies on interaction with other players to progress in the game.

Game idea

The basic concept of the game is similar to those shown before: The player can get build up different things in a town that earns them credits which they can exchange for items that are needed (or not needed) for progressing Furthermore, as the game progresses, different story arcs unfold and new areas, items and characters are unlocked.

Splashscreen of the name, saying

A very original name.

The character

The player can choose a character as their friend in the very beginning of the game. This character is the main character in the game and the kid takes the role of helping him out. The point is to have the character interacting with the kid, as he will have to find out how the kid feels every day, basically breaking the fourth wall.

At the beginning of the game, the player can choose one of the available characters:

Choosing screen

The characters that the player can choose between.

In this example, 3 different characters are available. A bigger choice along with options to customize a character would be great, of course.

The story

The initial story is very similar to previously shown games, the friend of the player arrives in a new town, together with you, the player and finds that a recent disaster left parts of the town demolished. This is basically the main storyline. The players actions determine how the story progresses, with the player being able to help out other characters and make friendships, work on their own house or exploring the world. Each of the little side-quests has a little story about the characters and ties together with the story of the town and eventually all quests will be completed, however the quests are in many cases independent of each other (while still influencing the whole situation) in order to give the player enough freedom.

A screenshot of the game, showing a bat walking along a path.

The journey begins.


The gameplay is divided into days which correspond to days in real life. A new day will trigger new events in the game, crops will grow and the weather will likely change. (Note: it might be an idea to make the weather in the game correspond to the weather outside in a way).

Each day starts with the character greeting the player, informing them what's new and - most importantly - finding out how the player feels. This can be done through one or more questions, but ultimately depends in the data needed by the doctor. The question is all but subtle, however it is most likely nicer to tell a big cartoon animal how you feel than having to fill out a paper form every day.

A giant talking anthropomorphic cartoon spectacled flying fox asking you how you feel.

The player gets asked how they feel.

After some introduction by the character about his stay in the town, the player starts off in the characters house in the town, soon to be interrupted by his first quest, which is growing wheat to make new flour for the baker.

A baker panicking about the lack of flour.

The towns baker ran out of flour, you're the only one who can safe the day! Credits for the bear go to Henrieke!

A view of the town showing the players house, the bakers house, the windmill and a field.

A view of the town showing the players house, the baker's house, the windmill and a field.

The "next day" button is solely for the purpose to speed up game play. it is intended that certain actions take a day (for example, the crops need a few days to grow and need daily watering).

Since the baker is in need of flour, the player is given some wheat seeds and can plant them on the little field next to his house. After the work is done, the player's character can walk around in town freely and explore the surroundings, buy things or play mini games.

A screenshot showing the different stages if the wheat crops in the game.

Different stages of the wheat crops.

Once the player managed to grow 4 fields of wheat crops, it's enough to produce a bag of flour in the windmill, so one of the many "quests" is completed. The player is rewarded a cake, which can be used later on in the game.

Cake time!

As the game progresses, the player is able to earn coins and spend them on things such as furniture or tools. Raw materials can be used to build or improve houses and rewards can be collected for completing different tasks.

I hope this post gave you some insight into what I had in mind!

Link to the game concept

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I got a kangaroo sponsorship!

Today I got a letter in the mail all the way from Australia, turns out it was a sponsorship for a kangaroo in a kangaroo rescue in New South Wales!

Rooby, cutest red kangaroo ever!

Rooby, cutest red kangaroo ever!

I got a sponsorship for Rooby, a female red kangaroo that got rescued in 2010 after her mom got killed. The woman who runs Sponsoroo took good care of her though and by now Rooby is a mom herself! I hope I get to visit that place sometime.
Anyway, it was an awesome present because helping out kangaroos is always a good idea and made my day! Thanks to Henriekes family for that! 🙂

My sketch for today in my One-Sketch-A-Day book!

My sketch for today in my One-Sketch-A-Day book!


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Friday Sketchdump #106

cartoon fox and schnolf

A drawing for two very nice friends of mine!

cartoon comic kangaroo joey vomiting drunk

A sketch I did in a local pub called "Kangaroo Pub". They have 300 different kinds of beer!

Cartoon sifakas and kangaroos

Sifaka sketches for a project.

cartoon inflatable kangaroo

A logo sketch for a trampoline rental place!


USA Trip 2013 – 28.01.

Today we planned to be lazy because of me still being a bit sick and a lack of sleep the past days. We slept until noon when Zot came in his lunch break and borrowed us his car, I just needed to drive him back to work. The way back took a bit longer as my phone decided to have neither GPS connection nor mobile network and left us lost in Poway. After a while, the phone magically started working again and we ended up at a shopping mall and had some lunch.

Later we met up with Jamie again as the day before we were too tired to do anything. We went to the beach to take some photos!

The beach at Torrey pines park.

The beach at Torrey pines park.

After that we went to Souplantation, a place we were told to check out after asking for healthy food. It was a 10$ all you can eat buffet franchise with a giant salad bar, soups, breads, fruits and other tasty things. We spent many hours there drawing for each other and stocking up our depleted Vitamin supplies.

Jamie and me drawing.

Jamie and me drawing.

Drawing I did for Jamie.

Drawing I did for Jamie.

Drawing Henrieke did for Jamie.

Drawing Henrieke did for Jamie.

Thanks to Jamie for driving us!


Friday Sketchdump #105

Actually posted on a Friday! All of these sketches are from a livestream where I drew what people requested.

cartoon kangaroo, ferret, alligator, squirrel, cat

Sketches I drew for people in a livestream!

Cartoon dragon

Someone requested that I draw my first character I ever made up from 2006, a dragon.

More drawn requests, mostly of 90s cartoon characters.


Friday Sketchdump #104

After a short break, here are some new sketches!


Drew peoples characters while meeting at Starbucks.

Drew peoples characters while meeting at Starbucks.



Cat and Mouse, for a friend from Sweden.

Cartoon Bat (spectacled flying fox)

The sketch of the halloween bat picture.