Friday Sketchdump #3

A little belated, but here are some of the few sketches I did this week.
For the first time I drew some birds after reading a the How to draw Cartoons for Comic Strips book from Christopher Hart. I’ll probably try to get one of his other books, How to draw cartoon animals too, because it looks good. It’s a shame he only writes really crappy books about drawing manga now.

Thylacine sketches
Some thylacine sketches

Birds 1

Birds 2
More Birds! Including Chris Hart influence.

Ferret, Mustela putorius
A quick ferret I’m not really satisfied with, also the pose isn’t convincing. He is supposed to be standing on the ground and looking up, with the viewer looking at the ground.

2 thoughts on “Friday Sketchdump #3”

  1. I only have a few books from Christopher Hart in my bookcase, and sadly enough in this case, both concern drawing manga like characters. Overall, apart from the subject matter in those cases, he does a good job in explaining the basics…

    I have to agree that the Ferret isn’t convincing in the manner he was supposed to end up like. It looks as though he’s walking towards the audience, or is about to roll over. To get the intended effect, I’d reckon it better to exaggerate the head a little over the body. Since the act of looking up is most important, and the head itself might hide part of the body. The body itself growing slightly smaller.

    The Birds are funny, and quite convincing in their expressions through both their eyes, position of the mouths and in one case even the pose.

    As for the Thylacines; The upper left one’s head seems a bit out of proportion, though by the looks of it that was intended. His hips appear too high to me as well.
    I somehow like the upper right sketch a lot. The expression is somewhat neutral, and I like the way the sketch lines accentuate slight details of the figure of the left out body…

    The lower right one is my favorite of the bunch however. Puffing his chest with a weird playful grin on his face. Though it’s hard to judge the anatomy of the creature in this pose, it does have a lot of character to it. It doesn’t really matter either, as long as the style’s consistent. His right arm appears longer than his left upon a second glance…

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