Friday Sketchdump #4

I love my Sanford pencils!! thanks for the tip, Herbie 😉

Here are some more or less sloppy sketches I drew this week, mostly while sitting in a café:

Stella Skunk
She resembles Stella Skunk from Over the Hedge because I was looking at the OTH Model sheets while drawing this… sadly I only have the sheets in really crappy quality, so if anyone has bigger Versions of them, I’d be happy if you could send them to me 🙂

Sammy Squirrel
Sammy Squirrel from the Screwball Squirrel cartoon, drawn from memory, that’s why he doesn’t look that much like Sammy at all.

Rat (very Ratatouille inspired) in an expectant pose

quick Kangaroo sketch
A quick Kangaroo sketch I drew for the nice cashier lady at the café when she asked us if we could draw one for her. (anatomy is really bad..)


I tried drawing some ferrets in different styles.. still unsure about the head shape and the rest of the body.. if you have any suggestions, just comment 🙂

(kipper style)




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