Feeding Tigers

15°C and rain today.. weird weather, especially considering that it had 35°C yesterday.. but my host told me that weather changes like this are not that unusual here.

Met up with Nick (who also organized that I could stay at Kaz’ place) today, we went to the Melbourne Zoo.
Great Zoo, they had lots of interesting animals there, like tree kangaroos, meerkats, red pandas, jaguars, pumas, tigers, lions, lemurs, and most surprisingly, coatis!

Coati (cc) flickr user Timmy Toucan

Couldn’t get any good shots of it myself though, because the coatis were both sleeping, and the short time when they moved I was too slow.. but well, I’ve seen them at least 🙂
Here are some other photos I took:

Meerkat at Melbourne Zoo

Tree Kangaroo at Melbourne Zoo

Nick, who was a Zoo volunteer, managed to get me to see a Tiger feeding from the Zookeepers side later. We could get up really close to the Tigers, amazing!

Tiger and Keeper at Melbourne Zoo
Tiger and Keeper “backstage”

Tiger at Melbourne Zoo
*really* close

Me, feeding Tigers
And I even got to feed one young and one adult Tiger!

It was an amazing experience, thanks again to Nick for making this possible!

2 thoughts on “Feeding Tigers”

  1. You really manage to meet interesting people, not to mention get to do things most could only dream of ^^; It’s been too long since I’ve commented, though I have kept an eye on the updates.

    awesome pictures again, especially the tiger up close, very dynamic

  2. Holy crap, awesome thing Thomas!
    This one pic of the tiger, the fur drawing matches his facial expression … Looks really cool, you could try to sell it as a stockphoto!

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