I met Ulrich Schröder!

A friend called me today, pointing out that Ulrich Schröder is doing free sketches at a games convention here. (check out his works here)
So I just went there, waited about 1,5 hours in the line and got a great sketch for me:

Sketch for me by Ulrich Schröder

And I also got an even better one for Henrieke:

Sketch for Henrieke by Ulrich Schröder

We talked a bit, even though he was very busy with drawing the requests from other people.
His inking style was so amazing, especially at this speed. He told me the feather he was using was 70 years old, and if it ever breaks, he’ll be helpless.

Ulrich Schröder, holding a Donald Duck Sketch

Uncle Scrooge, drawn by Ulrich Schröder
Uncle Scrooge!!

I was really lucky that my friend pointed that out, since he was only here yesterday and today! Standing there for ages was totally worth it.

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