Thylacine and Lemur spotted around Vienna

Amazing! Eyewitnesses have reported sightings of a Thylacine and a Lemur at the Jubiläumswarte in Vienna. While there are hundreds of sightings of the believed-to-be-extinct Thylacine in Australia these are the first from Austria. They are said to be not dangerous and are likely to interact with children.

Prof. Hans Sauerkraut
Prof. Hans Sauerkraut

Zoology expert Prof. Hans Sauerkraut explains: “While Lemurs are generally not harmful to humans, little is known about Thylacines. My advice is to stay at home until situation resolves.”

We got our hands on some exclusive footage of the two animals photograped by local wildlife photographer Gerald S.:






4 thoughts on “Thylacine and Lemur spotted around Vienna”

  1. Thanks Dr.Sauerkraut. I went up pretty close on these two. Luckily they were too occupied being cute and posing than to pose a real threat for me.

    However they are not to be taken lightly. They are known to be armed with squeaky hammers and anvils after all.

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