Friday Sketchdump #96

So apparently I posted Sketchdump #97 already without posting #96. Anyway, Since this is the last one this year, I’ll try to make it special. Let’s see what I find on my harddisk…

Tyler and Kiki, cartoon Kangaroo and Lemur
Tyler Thylacine, carrying Kikis loooong Tail. Old sketch from EF16.


Karpour and Kiki
Did this for Henrieke, not too happy with it but it was just a quick doodle.

cute cartoon Dog drawing
Dog the dog!

orange Spaceferret
Happy orange Spaceferret! My first quick try with Copics and Polychromos.

Fox drawing
Another quick try with Copics any Polychromos.

Approving cartoon kangaroo
He approves whatever he’s pointing at!

Sid dog and Alaska Nebraska Zebrafish Opossum
Headshots of 2 friend’s characters, Sid and Alaska.

Hope you enjoyed! I hope to post more regularily next year!

1 thought on “Friday Sketchdump #96”

  1. Whoa, this is great stuff, man! Fantastic expressions on all of the characters and awesome style all around. I’m really digging that fox and that kangaroo.

    I just found this sketchblog today searching on google: I’ll check back and see what’s new here whenever I can, mate. It appears to me you’ve got a lot of talent. 😀


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