Some traditional drawings

All made with Pentel brushpen, Copic Markers and Polychromos.

Traditional commissions
Traditional commissions
Drawing for Chris,  my bestest friend in the U.S.!
Drawing for Chris, my bestest friend in the U.S.!

2 thoughts on “Some traditional drawings”

  1. Hi, I am an aspiring artist, I really like your work and was wondering if you have any tips, and/or video tutorials that you could recommend. I would appreciate anything you have to offer.

  2. Was wondering if you could draw a bad-ass Ferret for a tattoo I was looking to get. My Brother and I are looking to get one of a badger and a ferret together either posing or doing something bad ass because for some reason thats just how we came to reference each other in what we did. I was the sly witty ferret and he was more of the pissy stubborn one.

    Your ferrets by far have been the best looking/closest to what I’ve been looking for in awhile. Thanks!

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