Friday Sketchdump #101

101 is a good number to start with into the new year! In theory, at the end of this year it should be 152, let’s see if I make it! 🙂

A cartoon penguin and a dog.
Commission for friends from France and the Czech Republic.
Cartoon Dodo Bird
A little gift for Michael J. Ruocco!
Cartoon Kangaroo
A sketch I did back in August '11.
cartoon my little pony
Angry kangaroo, coyote, kangaroo with polaroid camera, bird.
Some random sketches.

2 thoughts on “Friday Sketchdump #101”

  1. i was searching in image google about cartoon fennec and found your cool website, i enjoyed and interested very very much. you wondered me. i has been decided to start sketching and drawing. please guide me about it. i am reading the book “Drawing on Right side of brain” (author: betty edwards).
    good luck

  2. Hallo,

    ich habe deine Zeichnungen gesehen und sie gefallen mir sehr. Ich möchte auf diesem Weg mein Lob ausprechen, Toll.

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